Frédéric Bouchette

Associate professor (HDR) of coastal dynamics
Geosciences Montpellier & GLADYS
UMR 5243 – University of Montpellier / CNRS

Montpellier/ Nîmes / Gulf of Lions, FRANCE

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Frédéric Bouchette

My scientific activity concerns the development of concepts and methods in relation with the dynamics of shallow water environments.

I study the domain that extends from a few tens of meters of water depth at sea to the coastal watershed onshore, with a particular emphasis on the littoral area and the shoreline itself. I have worked in Spain, Taiwan (I love Taiwan), Canada, Norway (I love Norway as well), Chad, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Tunisia, in the french Alps, in the Gulf of Lions (Mediterranean Sea) and in French Polynesia (Now I love Polynesia). I build my research combining various points of view from applied mathematics to geology, including quantitative geomorphology, geophysics, civil engineering, with some connections with coastal archeology and the analysis of littoral hazards.